Campaigns & Elections

The PrimeContact Group has been involved in the most dramatic political victories of this century.

We have fought alongside political parties with a small handful of seats, assisting them to massive majority governments and have helped elect everyone from the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations to the Prime Minister of Canada to the largest Union Heads to Canada’s most infamous Mayor, Rob Ford.

There has not been a single political race, election or campaign of profile that has taken place in Canada in the past 15 years where PrimeContact has not had a seat at the table.

On top of the hundreds of partisan politicians we have elected to Provincial, Territorial and Federal Legislative bodies we have also had a hand in electing over 40 Mayors to great cities across our vast Nation. Including in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Mississauga, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Vancouver to name a few.

Our job is simple, to mobilize people and it is that job that we have perfected.

PrimeContact revolutionized campaign services in Canada and holds the distinction of being the first full-service campaign mobilization firm in the country.

We mobilize people through our proprietary network of advanced perfected tools owned invented and perfected by us. We believe that to control quality, one must control all aspects of their service.

PrimeContact and our international software firm has invested close to 5 million dollars in our powerful technology allowing us to make Live Agent Calls superior, conduct Virtual TownHalls better, design and deploy the most accurate cost-effective polls & surveys, provide the most updated and sound national data and voter modeling and provide tools that can reach millions of people in a matter of minutes.

Combined with The PrimeContact Groups, 5 million dollar arsenal of state-of-the-art mobilization tools, a team of in-house engineers, pollsters and campaign professionals, we will design and implement an effective mobilization strategy for any size campaign.