Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting has come a long way since the days of the demon dialer and power dialer that dialled sequentially. Voice Broadcasting is now one of the most formidable tools in any mobilization strategy.

Fundraising, early voting reminders, persuasion calls, advocacy calls, and special event notifications are all examples of the effective uses of Voice Broadcasting.

Mobilization Messages

Did you know PrimeContact’s US company is the largest provider of automated messaging in North America with over 80,000 phone lines and 22,000 users on our software?

This technology allows you to target thousands of voters in just seconds with a personal pre-recorded message. A message in your voice can be broadcast automatically to every individual on your list or it can be used for micro-targeting into communities. Busy signals and no-answers can be automatically redialed and if a recipient is not home we can leave a different “Sorry I missed you” message on the voicemail. Setup is simple – just call in, record your message and tell us who you want to call. We do the rest.

PrimeContact offers over 200 different types of automated mobilization messaging and due to our 5 million dollars of infrastructure upgrades in the past several years, this service is highly efficient, accurate and incredibly cost effective as well.