Live Agent Specialized Calling

The PrimeContact Group, Experts in Mobilizing Support, Resources and Public Opinion.

The PrimeContact Group is known as the most specialized call centre in Canada due to our highly-advanced live calling programs which are designed to mobilize your message and mobilize people. Starting with our state-of-the-art call centre, PrimeContact has the ability to disseminate and collect information at the highest level and very quickly. PrimeContact’s live agent calling programs stand apart from all other competitors due to our incredible attention to detail and through our extreme focus on quality and training of call centre agents.

Our highly trained specialized call centre agents have the ability to collect information through either a casual conversation designed to engage the recipient on their own level or we have the ability to conduct in-depth questionnaires, registrations and enter into high-level discussions on behalf of our clients, no matter the level of difficulty of the program.

Did You Know?

PrimeContact’s agents are not your typical call centre employees. These individuals have an impeccable understanding of current events, business, politics and have received in-depth training in conversational call flow handling.

PrimeContact’s specialized call centre agents are assigned one senior call centre manager for every 10 agents which ranks in the top .05% of global specialized calling industry standards. Our team can design and deploy a complex telephone campaign in as little as 24 hours.

PrimeContact has worked with close to 5000 clients and has made nearly 27 million phone calls. We understand experience matters and quality always comes before anything else. This model has earned us the reputation of being the most successful specialized call centre in Canada.

Women operators working at the Bell Telephone Company exchange in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Voter ID Calls

Our highly trained campaign callers will call through your lists and identify your support, sign locations and twenty other useful responses while implementing proven grassroots persuasion methods to increase your candidate’s profile in your riding.

When identifying voters, PrimeContact only charges for actual contacts made. You will NEVER be charged for busy, not in services, line errors, wrong numbers or hostiles. In the event a voter does not pick up the phone, we will leave a customized voice message promoting your candidate. All data will be transferred directly into your database nightly, once the calling finishes.

The tools that make us great:

350 seat state-of-the-art call centre.

Ability to conduct calls in 13 languages.

Ability to conduct both inbound and outbound calling campaigns.

Nightly or real-time custom reporting.

Custom data returns in any format required.

Regional neutral accents and impeccably spoken English and French.

Ability to make changes on demand.

Live call tracking and statistics.

Abilities for clients to listen in on calls in real-time.

Clients own campaign management portal.

Full-time deployment and research team.

7 year retention on 80% of full-time staff.

Our Specialties

PrimeContact specializes in many types of advanced calling. Whether you’re a campaign looking to reach voters on a grassroots level or a corporation handling an international product recall, PrimeContact is there for you!

Campaigns & Election calling

Voter identification calling

Voter mobilization calling

Government calling

Live agent scientific polling

Inbound support

Survey and questionnaire collection

Inbound credit card processing

Corporate information dissemination

Government data collection

Government studies and research

Corporate shareholder informational calls

Union and non-profit election calling

Military enrollment and informational calling

These are just a few of our specialties. If you have a project in mind, allow one of our live agent specialists to discuss your options and to design a calling program for you today!