Campaigns & Elections

PrimeContact provides campaigns with Live Agent Voter ID Calling, Polling and GOTV tools in addition to several strategic services to drive our candidates messages and mobilize…


We provide governments with Virtual Townhall Meetings and key services to reach constituents quickly while lowering the communication cost to the taxpayer…


Conducting Virtual Townhall Meetings, Polling, Data services and Voice Broadcasting among several other mobilization services for the non profit sector. If You need to drive…


We make it easier for corporations to communicate with their stakeholders and we also work alongside organizations to plan and implement an A-Z communication plan…

Join Us, and Let’s Get to Work!

With no project too complex, The PrimeContact Group has a reputation for being the most effective communication & mobilization firm in Canada. We have a client list of over 5,000 and we have worked alongside thousands of winning campaign, dozens of governments and hundreds of the largest corporations & non-profits in North America.

The PrimeContact Group DOES not advertise and only works with referrals from Governments, political parties, public relations firms and our previous corporate and non-profit clients.

Mobilization Tools & Services:

Public Opinion Polling
Advanced Live Agent Calling
Virtual Telephone TownHall Meetings
Virtual Video TownHall Meetings
Automated Mobilization Messaging
Data & Voter Modeling
Automated Calling Services
Peer to Peer Texting