The PrimeContact Group has a long history of working alongside non-governmental organizations, assisting in furthering their cause, and communicating with stakeholders.

When it comes to contacting thousands of individuals or mobilizing people on an issue or topic, PrimeContact will become your greatest resource.

PrimeContact works very closely with several non-profit and non-governmental organizations by assisting them with internal communication services, and technologies. Our Virtual RoundTable technology, which is an ultra-secure, inbound conference suit that’s fully capable of up to 10,000 inbound concurrent calls. We have worked with numerous charitable organizations, neighbourhood & community groups, International NGOs, churches, Olympic Committee’s, and even food banks.

If you need to mobilize your message or people, PrimeContact will break out our arsenal of technology and highly trained team to get the job done correctly. Whether you need to contact 5,000 people or 5 million people in one day, or 10 days, The PrimeContact Group is up for the challenge.