If you are a Government, Government Agency, or elected official and you are tasked with contacting and engaging people then look no further. The Prime Contact Group specializes in mobilizing your message and mobilizing people and we accomplish this through a vast arsenal of tools and expertise.

The PrimeContact Group has a strong anti-lobbying policy. PrimeContact employees will not and will never be lobbyists or provide paid access to any public office holder.

Our mission is simple, to only provide governments with services through The PrimeContact Group that saves the taxpayer’s money immediately, not over a “10-year cycle” but on the very first job.

If PrimeContact cannot use our incredible 5 million dollars investment in technology to provide a more cost-effective service to a government/taxpayer over traditional options, our firm will never bid or provide such services.

We have saved governments millions and millions of dollars in both Canada and the United States on projects ranging from large-scale communications to constituent research to virtual issue-based focus groups and meetings.

PrimeContact has worked with countless governments and government agencies at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal level.

If you are a government agency and require mobilization services to mobilize a message, people, public opinion or if you would like us to quote on a communications project to provide pricing transparency over all other quotes, please contact our team today.