PrimeContact understands mobilization services in the corporate world whether it be, the ability to communicate with a massive employee base, corporate stakeholders or the general public. PrimeContact will be there to help design, implement and augment your communications and mobilization plan. We have also worked with countless sports teams from the NHL, NFL and Major League Baseball. We analyze the best approach to accomplish each one of your corporation’s goals.

The PrimeContact Group has worked with some of the largest companies in Canada and the United States including major hydro and nuclear power providers, large mining operations, international consumer brands, national telecommunication providers, etc.

We have facilitated Virtual TownHall Meetings with hundreds of thousands of participants at times of corporate crisis and we have been there with companies needing to communicate with thousands of employees over restructuring, public offerings or even shareholder reports.

We have assisted in the handling of international recalls and have provided services to update the public on issues and concerns pertaining to their service providers. The PrimeContact Group offers a highly specialized approach when working with corporate clients. No two assignments are alike and PrimeContact understands this.

Contact a member of our team today and allow us to assess your goals and provide a solution to your objective.