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Hosted Voice Broadcasting

  • Overview
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Election Day Voice Broadcasting GOTV
  • Voice Broadcast Distress Message
  • Automated Polling & Surveys
  • Endorsement Voice Broadcasting
  • Community Invite Messages
  • Volunteer Recruitment & Fundraising
  • Phone Bulletin
  • Blended Calling
  • Instant Switching to a Live Operator
  • Overview

    Use VBs to pull your vote and spread your message.

    Voice Broadcasting has come a long way since the days of the demon dialer and power dialer that dialed sequentially. Voice Broadcasting is now one of the most formidable tools in any campaign's arsenal.

    Fundraising, early voting reminders, persuasion calls, advocacy calls, and special event notifications are all examples of the effective uses of Voice Broadcasting.

    This technology allows you to target thousands of voters in just a few hours with a personal pre-recorded message. A message in your candidate's voice can be broadcast automatically to every individual in your riding or it can be used for micro targeting into communities. Busy signals and no-answers can be automatically redialed and if a voter is not home we can leave a different “Sorry I missed you” message on the voicemail. Setup is simple - just call in, record your message and tell us who you want to call. We do the rest.

  • Government Voice Broadcasting

    For years, clients from elected officials to government departments have always sought quick, reliable and affordable ways to get their message out to their audience.

    With Voice Broadcasting, PrimeContact has provided this solution to countless clients who have come to rely on it. At literally pennies per contact, a client can have a personalized recorded message sent to thousands of individuals. With Voice Broadcasting, a company can now get their message out to thousands effectively and affordably. This means is more affordable than traditional marketing means such as direct mail or newspaper advertisements.

    Voice Broadcasting can be used for numerous purposes.
    - Public Service Announcements about issues in the community.
    - Sending a community notice for a town hall.
    - A personalized message to the constituency from an elected official.

    If you are seeking for an alternative way of getting your message out to the voters, Voice Broadcasting is the option you are looking for.

  • Election Day Voice Broadcasting - GOTV

    You can no longer run an effective election day without incorporating GOTV Voice Broadcasting in your E-Day strategy. Inform your voters with a grassroots message from your campaign reminding them that it’s Election Day and urging them to vote. If the voter needs a ride, they can press 1 to be connected live to your campaign office. Get voters to the polls to capture the victory by reaching thousands of voters in just a few hours with your own automated message. This will increase your voter turnout.

  • Voice Broadcast Distress Message

    A Voice Broadcast Distress Message is a technique that has been invented and pioneered by Josh Justice over a decade ago to increase voter turnout. A Distress Message is a last minute attempt to create a dramatic plea to voters to come to the polls. The purpose of this technique is to counteract voter complacency. These messages are sent out two hours before the polls close. The purpose is to inform the voter that the results will be very close and every last vote is going to count.

  • Automated Polling & Surveys

    Some campaigns may not have the budget to conduct a true scientific poll. For these campaigns, the next best thing is our automated polling option. Polling is a popular tool used by the political community to measure public opinion regarding elections and various topics of interest. Several popular automated polling methods include: opinion polls, push polls, citizen surveys and tele-voting. Identifying where the public stands plays a key role in staying ahead of your opponents. Use automated polling to better understand the perspectives of potential voters and strengthen the relationship between you and your constituents. We can target certain areas based on demographics or geographic location. Hundreds of candidates have used PrimeContact to determine where they stand in the public eye. These critical services can be completed within a few hours and the information collected will be gathered in a data file, analyzed and cross tabulated.

  • Endorsement Voice Broadcasting

    Many candidates increase voter confidence and gain name recognition by having renowned and notable names endorse their campaign. When a constituent answers the phone and hears the voice of a trusted, noteworthy representative, the likelihood for them to listen, respond, and take action increases significantly. Partner with PrimeContact and one of your notable peers to increase voter trust and your response rate.

  • Community Invite Messages

    This medium can be used by an elected official to contact constituents in order to deliver community service messages or information regarding availability of services. These messages can also be used to invite voters to a rally or campaign office opening. They can also be used to notify them of an upcoming event you are hosting.

  • Volunteer Recruitment & Fundraising

    Our technology works effectively to identify 'buried' supporters, who can then be called upon to put their beliefs to work through volunteer activity, lawn sign placement, and fundraising or other campaign assistance.

  • Phone Bulletin

    If you are holding a campaign kickoff or an event and need to get the word out quickly, PrimeContact can call a targeted poll or through your hot list to ensure you have the attendees you need for your event. We can deliver a quick live message to your voters on any topic you wish.

  • Blended Calling

    Blended calls are a combination of live and automated calling. For instance, a live operator may contact a person, and then ask them if they would like to hear a message from a candidate or spokesperson. This is very effective, particularly when the candidate or spokesperson has a high degree of name recognition.

  • Instant Switching to a Live Operator

    With this technique, respondents are instructed to press a button that will allow them to connect to an operator for additional information, or to take action such as joining an organization or making a financial contribution.