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About Us

  • We will NEVER work with your                competition

    Once you have decided to work with us throughout your campaign, we are part of your team! We want you to win and we want your opposition to lose. For that reason we will NEVER work for the other guys.

  • Decline in Volunteers

    With volunteers becoming harder to come by during elections, many campaigns use PrimeContact to perform the difficult, yet crucial task of calling thousands of voters to identify campaign support. This allows campaigns to utilize their volunteer resources more effectively in other capacities. A study by Statistics Canada showed a severe decline in volunteers since 1997 likely due to a rapidly aging population. "The overall result appears to indicate a continuing decline in election volunteer participation (as measured by various rates and hours contributed)" - Statistics Canada.

  • Clients and Campaigns

    PrimeContact has assisted in electing MPs, MPPs, MLAs, Councillors and Mayors across Canada. We have played crucial roles in the 2000, 2003 and 2006 Ontario Municipal Elections, 2007 Ontario By-Elections, 2007 Ontario Provincial Election, 2007 Alberta Municipal Election, 2008 Federal By-Elections, 2008 British Columbia Municipal Election, 2008, Alberta Provincial Election, 2008 Federal Election, 2009 British Columbia General Election, 2009 Northwest Territories Municipal Election, 2009 Nova Scotia Provincial Election, 2010 Alberta Municipal Election, 2010 Manitoba Municipal Election and 2010 Ontario Municipal Election.

    Our goal has always been the same - get your candidate elected and save you money. We define ourselves by winning elections, especially the close ones and those that people say are impossible to win! We are passionate when it comes to grassroots campaigning and we want to help you win.

  • Our In-House Election Facility

    All calling, training and management are completed in-house. We do not outsource calls. This ensures top quality and extra attention to detail. We take your campaign seriously and closely monitor all calls. We understand that quality is imperative to our clients, so the PrimeContact Calling Team is trained and closely supervised by experienced campaign managers and campaign staff. Our Live Agent Callers are trained to speak clearly, fluently and are trained on name pronunciation. Your voter will not be able to tell the difference between our callers and your own dedicated volunteers.

  • Voter ID Contacts

    Our highly trained Live Agent campaign callers will call through your lists and identify supporters, sign locations and over twenty other useful responses while implementing proven persuasion methods to increase your candidate's profile in your riding. Because PrimeContact operates its own in-house call centre, we are able to provide campaigns with the best prices available in the country. You will NEVER be charged for not in services, wrong numbers, hostiles, busy or line errors. All data will be transferred directly into your central database or to your in-house database nightly after the calls are completed.

  • Use us to close the gap

    They said these ridings were too close to call - a single mistake could have cost them the election. That's why they hired PrimeContact. We pride ourselves in winning campaigns that seemed unwinnable. Using leading edge technology, targeted voter identification techniques, and aggressive GOTV strategies, PrimeContact changes the results on Election Day.

  • We Win the Impossible!!!

    PrimeContact has a 98.6% incumbency win rate for all incumbents we have ever served!

PrimeContact has become the premier election services firm in Canada with a reputation as the go-to-firm for individuals and campaigns serious about winning. This reputation was built on a foundation of professional, battle-tested campaign professionals, leading edge technology, comprehensive services and most importantly - our winning track record.

PrimeContact's management team has decades of on-the-ground, frontline campaign experience. We have fought and won some of the closest and the toughest campaigns. Our grassroots philosophy of providing practical, successful services and strategies arises from these experiences.

PrimeContact started out as a company that helped to elect Mayors, City Councillors and Municipal candidates in Ontario. PrimeContact has grown to be the largest campaign services firm in Canada. Our staff has managed and won campaigns at all levels of government across Canada. We have used these experiences to build PrimeContact, a company that serves the interests and needs of campaigns and candidates on a grassroots level.

With volunteers becoming harder to get out during elections, many campaigns use PrimeContact to perform the difficult, yet crucial task of calling the thousands of voters to identify campaign support. Voter ID calling is the only expense that provides you with tangible results in your hands daily. Our clients would gladly recommend us and speak to the quality of our service. We are the only National Call Centre that does not outsource calls, as all of our calls are handled in-house and our prices are far competitive than others.

Not only are our prices among the most competitive in the industry, we offer unbeatable customer service and many value-added extras. PrimeContact wants our clients to experience a more personalized and grassroots approach when it comes to election services. When you hire us, we join your team and we go above and beyond to ensure you are fully satisfied with our service. PrimeContact is proud to present impeccable references from government members and their campaign managers from across Canada.